Wedding Planners: Are They Necessary?

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This could not be more true when it comes to planning weddings. There are so many unforeseen things that need to be taken care of and things that could go wrong when you are planning a wedding that it would seem foolish not to hire a wedding planner. Even if you are a bit wary of leaving the finer details of your wedding to someone else, you should be able to find a planner that will understand your vision.

Wedding planners will take care of everything, from catering down to the wedding décor. this country has many beautiful locations where a wedding could take place and your wedding planner will help you to make the right choice regarding this. They also know how to get the best value for your money and which suppliers are trustworthy.

While you might think you’ll be able to stick to a budget, it could prove to be extremely hard if you don’t hire a wedding planner. Like any other country in the sense that there will be certain suppliers who charge a ridiculous amount of money. A good wedding planner will be able to see when someone is trying to rip you off.

There is a lot more paperwork and boring phone calls involved in planning a wedding than you think. The days leading up to your wedding should be spent relaxing and making yourself beautiful for your big day. The last thing you want to do is spend the day before your wedding having a screaming match with unreliable decorators who messed up your wedding décor. This is a country that should be explored, especially if you’re travelling from another country to have your wedding here, and you should leave the messy phone calls to a wedding planner while you go sightseeing.

Imagine that on the day of your wedding, you realize you forgot something important. Like a DJ. While it may seem farfetched, people who planned their own weddings can testify to the fact that the sheer amount of things to organize means that a lot slips your mind until it is too late.

Wedding planning is a full time job and unless you’re fortunate enough to be in a financial position where you can get a couple of months off work, you probably won’t have time to organize a wedding. Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself and your spouse.

You probably have an idea of what you want for your wedding, but most likely it is just a very vague collection of things you like. A wedding planner can help you take your vision and flesh it out into something beautiful. Think of a wedding planner creating a beautiful mosaic that contains the pieces you wanted. Planning your own wedding would be more like sloppy patchwork.

If you’re planning a wedding in this country, but you don’t actually live here, you will definitely need a wedding planner. They’ll be better suited to deal with a foreign country and will take the stress of it all off of you and your spouse.


4 Ways to Save on the Wedding Photos

For most couples, the wedding photographer is worth the investment to get a personal catalog of long-term memories. While it is best to hire the services of a skilled and knowledgeable photographer, it can be a significant expense. But, there are several steps that can be taken to save money on this particular service.

Here are four useful tips to cut the cost of hiring a wedding photographer:

Book early

A simple way to save money on a wedding photographer is to book early. Many photographers offer a discount for the early bookings. So, when a wedding date is secured, it may be worth making the search for a photographer one of the first priorities to organize. Alternatively, it may be possible to pay a significant percentage of the payment up-front in return for a discount.

Go with a digital package

A further option to save money is to ask the photography for a digital only package which saves on the printing costs. It may seem expensive to just buy the digital rights because you are just getting a disc of wedding photos. But, you get to print only the photos you want which can save quite a lot compared to letting the photographer print out and charge for every photo taken during the wedding and reception.

Plus, this can save by having the option to email copies of the photos to family members or friends, instead of having to print originals.

Reduce the time

Hiring a photographer for less time can have a noticeable impact on the price quoted for the photography contract. They will be charging for fewer hours and will have a lot fewer photos to develop. For instance, it is possible to only have the professorial take the photos at the church, while the photos for pre-wedding festivities can be self-taken. Also, a groomsman or bridesmaid can be tasked with the job of taking the more relaxed photos at the reception. By cutting the hours for the professional photographer to a minimum, it is possible to pay a lot less money.

Referral discounts

Many wedding photographers take on new business through referrals and word of mouth recommendations. Therefore, a chosen photographer may have a referral discount scheme in place which gives a reduction in costs after you refer a new customer to them. This is possible by talking to friends that plan to get married in the near future or even sharing a few of the photos on social media.


Important Things You Must Know Before Getting Married

Among the happiest times of your life can be getting engaged; however, before deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone, it is very crucial for you to know if you are ready to commit.

Things You Need To Know Before Saying “Yes”

Determine if you really love him or even the idea of getting married – To make sure that you really want to marry the guy, you have to ask yourself questions. Can you imagine any other man in your wedding? Are you marrying him because you are caught up in bridal excitement or because it appears like this is the logical next step or because people you know are tying the knot as well? You need to think carefully about your answers prior to taking the next step.

Do you love him just as he is? – You must assume that any negative qualities you are seeing will remain negative because there is a huge possibility that he is not going to change. Also, be very realistic about what you are willing to live with.

Know if both of you want children – Some couples would want to have 3 or more kids while others cannot even imagine having one. It is very important that you both know how you feel about having kids. Discuss if kids are part of your vision. In case one of you are not on the same page, one must compromise in a big way if you really want to live under one roof for the rest of your lives.

How To Create A Lasting Love

After your marriage, you will definitely face several challenges. One of these is developing the fulfilling, secure bond. Although this entails hard work, it is not impossible. Here are things you can do so you can create a loving connection:

You need to become best friends – A best friend is someone you have known for a very long time. You can talk to him without fear or judgment. Without a doubt, this is someone you really love. Take time to have fun with your partner. Also, learn all you can about what he likes and doesn’t. Open up to him and encourage him to share with you from a place of friendship like a best friend would.

Believe in the power of love – Indeed, love can transform people. Even when it seems unlikely, it is crucial for you to keep believing about the love that drew you and your partner together. Believe that when you are together, you can conquer everything. Also, you have to believe in the continued presence of romance.

Continuously court one another – Bear in mind that your partner’s likes as well as interests may change, and that there is always more to learn about them. Hence, you must be reminded that you should keep trying to impress one another, regardless of how long you have been together.


Unveiling the Secrets on How to Keep Your Husband Happy

To keep a marriage exciting and fresh can be challenging, especially amidst the stress and hassle of daily life. Luckily, there are a couple of small deeds which you can do for keeping your hubby happy and letting him know how much you love him. Try to share the responsibilities of wedding and undertake various approaches to lead a spontaneous and happy life that gratifies both you as well as your spouse. Below are some ideas and secrets that will help you in tugging on your partner’s heartstrings thereby making your marriage thrive.

• Show respect- Always ensure that your husband knows that it is he who is your top priority. Never degrade him near family members and friends. Be respectful at all times regarding how he feels about something, although you may not agree

• Do something unexpected- Book a weekend together, stop by a bakery or grocery store and get his favorite treat or give him a nice massage after he is back home. As a devoted wife you should surprise him and also ring a bell of the woman that he fell madly in love with

• Show some interest in his likes and hobbies- however, this does not indicate that you require being with your husband every time when he plays his favorite games. The idea is in being aware regarding the things which he likes.

• All the time, be yourself- Be yourself always. Be the woman whom he fell madly in love with and never try at being someone else

• Take good care of him- take good care of your husband when he feels under the weather. Even if he acts as a baby do not make fun. Besides give him some space and make him realize that you are always by his side

• It is all about trust- trust is the be all and end all of a flourishing relationship. Do not snoop in his cell phone, spy on him or check his email

• Let it go- for instance, if there is actually something which your hubby did during the past which really upset you, but you had forgiven him for, then let it go. Once you have forgiven him, then stop it once and for all

• Call him out- Call him out, yes you heard it right when he is incorrect. Never allow him in walking all over you, but rather be the independent and strong woman he loved. Avoid bending over to anything that your husband says for making it easier. Always remember, men respect when women call them in a respectful way

• Don’t nag- probably this is amid the most evident statement, yet often the hardest in complying with. For instance, if your husband drives you crazy with something, let him know, but in a calm way. Nagging causes annoyance and annoyance causes resentment

• Be understanding- If your husband missed his dinner or brings work at home, do not freak. Although at times you may feel disappointed, do not overreact but understand

Apart from the aforementioned, there are many more ways to keep your husband happy such as try not to change him, send him romantic texts, cook his favorite dishes, do not expect much, tell him how much you love him, lighten up and try to make bumpy times better. Always do the things which you know will make him happy and take the utmost pleasure of the ride-which is marriage!


Existence Of Love In Marriage

What is marriage? In religious terms it is that bonding of two souls when neither wants to be parted from each other in life or in death. But to be more realistic, can we call marriage an end result of love or just a need for another human being to fight loneliness. Yesterday, my friend was talking about a short story that came in readers digest where a couple who were madly in love with each other, after marriage gradually realize the fading away of their love. Both of them were independent people having their own separate lives co-existent with their married life. Initially like most relationships there was a lot of passion and excitement between them.

However, with time the intensity of their love-making decreased, overshadowed by their ever-increasing list of follies which neither of them had noticed when they had first started walking on the tread path of relationship. They started picking up fights on unimportant subjects and their arguments were mostly on topics of little consequence. It became as if they wanted a reason to vent out the anger and frustration piling up on their hearts. Eventually they decided that they could not breathe in the same room any longer and hence should get a divorce. During the days of separation, both were at peace. They had finally regained their freedom. But as the days passed by, the woman started feeling that the peace she felt was not because of contentment, but because there was no one to say a word. It was as if she entered the house and she was all on her own. Home had become an apartment where she had the amenities to sustain her everyday life. The man was initially very happy to get back to his old friends. He went out with them to party, play cards, drink like a fish, flirt with anybody he wanted. But there was something missing. He felt like a kid playing throughout the afternoon with his friends, but when the sun goes down the horizon, he is the only one who has nowhere to go, no home to return to. He started feeling her absence in all the articles of the house, the coffee mugs, the towels, the bed sheets. The apartment looked like it was shrinking, the walls were so near each other as if they will suffocate him. The day when the divorce was to be settled, both of them looked at each other outside the courtroom, and in silent approval, retracted their case. The story ended by the note that it was difficult for them to stay together, but it was impossible for them to stay apart.

I knew a couple who were married for five years. They had also lost the initial charm of married life. They were friends of my husband who told me that they had a lot of fights and arguments nowadays. After listening to all the details shared by the guy with my husband, I started questioning myself if love really existed between a married couple few years down the line. But when I met this couple, I could see something totally different from what I had heard. There was no obvious display of affection, but somewhere in their eyes, when they looked at each other, the sparkle had still not disappeared. I got a chance to talk to the woman alone and she told me something which I had never expected. I thought that she would be complaining about her relationship. On the contrary she told me “men have the capacity of loving a woman deeply. The vice-versa may not be so much true.” The look of disbelief on my face prompted her to add, “I can tell you this because I feel my husband’s love for me. I do not deny having arguments, vexations, emotional highs and lows but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we are together no matter what”. That night when I came back home, my husband told me that for their fifth anniversary, his friend had planned a surprise trip for his wife to Greece and had asked us not to breathe a word about it to her. My husband asked me why I was smiling. I said I was happy for them. Actually I was happy for all the married couples including myself.


Where to Turn If You’re Considering Marriage Counselling

However, therapy is a deeply personal venture – whether you’re opting to do it alone or alongside your partner – so you’ll want to make sure you find someone you can trust.

Successful therapy is entirely dependent on the two-way relationship between the patient(s) and the therapist, so if you don’t feel comfortable with your current counsellor, it may be time to move on to someone else – even if there is no specified reason for your uncertainty.

Your therapist won’t be offended by this. Sometimes personalities just don’t jell together. They will have plenty of experience and understanding of this, and can probably refer you onto someone else. Counselling can often be expensive and time-consuming, so you won’t want to waste time consulting the wrong therapist.

If you’re new to therapy, there are a range of online resources you can utilise to help you find a practitioner. Why not start by performing a Google search for licensed therapists in your area? There should be a range of sites to choose from – including mental health organisations, private therapy centres and freelance therapists with their own personal websites.

Spend some time assessing options with your partner, or by yourself if that feels more comfortable. If you haven’t yet suggested therapy, it may be easier to approach your partner once you’ve settled on the counsellor you want to see, that way they will see that you’re making efforts to resolve the problems you share.

As with a doctor from any field, it’s important to find someone who’s licensed to practice. You can go to the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) website to find licensed therapists with a range of specialties in the field. You’ll need to find someone with experience of marriage and relationship counselling to ensure they’re qualified to assist you in this area.

Don’t pay too much attention to details about ‘approaches’ that counsellors might use, such as person-centred counselling, psychotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy, as all good therapists will be trained to use a combination of these techniques, and will follow your lead.

Most of the time, it will just feel like having a chat with someone kind and impartial about your problems – something from which we could all benefit! So it’s important not to be daunted by terminology.

In times gone by, many therapists were rigid in their Freudian approach of ‘talking therapy’, where the counsellor would offer little or no input, and would instead act as a ‘blank canvas’ on which the patient could project their emotions.

Thankfully, therapeutic services have moved on since then, and counsellors now use a range of techniques to work with their patient(s) to achieve the desired outcome. This will consist of a lot of sharing and talking of course, but there may also be practical elements for you and your partner to try either during the sessions, or at home.

If you’re looking into marriage counselling, but don’t know where to begin, start by finding a therapist you like the look of, and ask for a free consultation. In person, you will get a much better feel for them and their unique approach to your situation.

You may feel uncomfortable to admit that you need therapy, but these days it is more common than you think – most couples who’ve been married for a long time have been to counselling at one time or another. So don’t hesitate to seek out the help you need.


Amazing Tips For Married Women & Men For a Successful Marriage

Successful marriages don’t happen by chance. Efforts by both spouses contribute to marital happiness. These simple marriage tips for brides, grooms and lovers who wish to start their life together as a couple may save a lot of heartache to people seeking long-term bliss in relationships.

Marriage tips for men and women

It is only when both parties want to be in the relationship that is has a chance to become a success. If one person wants out, he or she starts sabotaging the bond, and such a marriage is unlikely to survive for long. It’s typical in some cultures to consider women (brides) as responsible for the success of a relationship although without significant efforts of two participants a happy love story is not possible.

Whether you are at a start of your life together as a committed pair, preparing to see your bride walking the isle, or have some years of cohabitation under the belt, see where things could be improved.

Me, I, and Us

There are 3 parties to any relationship: Me, I, and Us. Interests of these 3 parties could coincide at times and shoot in different directions at some points. For a marriage to be successful, it’s not only the matter for a bride to make an effort but for the couple as an entity to function in unison.

Do any of these complaints sound familiar?

• I have too much responsibility. Basically, my spouse constantly expects me to sort out everything.

• My opinion never accounts for anything. It’s always the man (woman) who has the last word. We only do what he (she) wants.

• We are like neighbours, not husband and wife. We live separate lives, just share the same home.

• We do everything together and have no personal space to explore individual interests. I have no time for myself.

If you recognized yourself in these situations, maybe it’s time to have a heart to heart chat with your beloved?


Are you satisfied with the way things are working now? There are 4 major sectors to check.

1. Do you like how the partner treats you?
2. What about the way you are treating him or her?
3. Are you happy with the way you are treating yourself in this partnership?
4. Do you like how your significant other behaves towards himself or herself?

If you have answered positively to all 4 questions, your marriage is in good health. Love and warm feelings should not be an excuse to stay in a toxic partnership where spouses bring up the worst in each other.


Balanced unions work better in the 21 century. When one person, the prospective bride or the groom, is the one carrying the major load, it is not going to end well.

Ask yourself:

• Do you consider yourself an equal participant in this union?
• Does your spouse listen to you and consider your wishes?
• Who takes responsibility for successes and errors-both of you or just one person?
• Do you listen to your other half?

Being conscious about the balance helps to maintain long term stability.


A close connection in a pair is impossible without intimate chemistry.

• Does intimacy give pleasure to both partners?
• Do you feel comfortable and safe?
• Is it always a mutual desire without pressure or manipulations?


If you wish to be able to walk hand in hand through life, maintaining romance is as important as paying your bills on time. When you were dating online, you probably put plenty of efforts in creating a romantic connection. If you neglect your connection as lovers or think that you cannot afford babysitters or going out on “date nights”, think how much a divorce could cost. Expenses for keeping romance alive don’t even come close to what it costs to officiate a marriage breakdown.

• Are you going on dates at least once a month?
• Do you go away for a few days without kids at least once a year?
• Do you remember to kiss and hug your wife or husband when going out or coming back from work?


If one partner contributes significantly more to the marriage than the other, it paves the road to feelings of resentment.

• Do you both contribute to the wellbeing of the family?
• Is your input recognized by the spouse?
• Do you recognize your sweetheart’s efforts?
• Are you both ready for a compromise if it’s needed for the wellbeing of the union?

Conflict resolution

In any sweet connection, a moment comes when something goes wrong. The ability to manage a conflict in a mature way will determine whether your marriage survives or breaks.

• Are you able to talk in “me” terms? (“I feel this way” rather than “You always… “)
• Do you remember to avoid superlatives like “never”, “always”, etc? (If there has been at least 1 case when things were different, “never” or “always” becomes an exaggeration.)
• Can you listen without interrupting the other person, allowing them to express themselves?
• Do you remember to keep your voice down, even if the husband (wife) starts raising voice?

If you want to find a bride who will stick with you through thick and thin, whether she is American, Australian, Ukrainian, or Japanese, the old adage holds true: To find the right partner, you need to be the right partner. This may be one of the best marriage tips ever. And as another famous declaration holds, communication is the key to mutual understanding and respect, things that a marital union cannot exist without.


Best Things About Marriage

Marriage is a rite of passage which is one of the most important events in your life. Entering the sanctity of marriage is a very special occasion. A marriage ceremony requires careful preparation. Detailed attention will be given to planning your ceremony, so you will remember this day forever. I look forward to meeting you to hear how you two met and what plans you may have.

If you are looking for Shoreline Ceremonies styled marriage celebration, you are on the right page. It is true that you are stepping into an important phase in your life and I congratulate you both.

Gwen at Shoreline Ceremonies will help you with all kinds of marriage ceremonies like:

  • Classic or vintage
  • Traditional or informal
  • Small or grand
  • Short or long

No matter what type of service you want, when you want or how long you want, Gwen is here to help you.

We follow the Six Steps of Shoreline Ceremonies for every ceremony.

  1. We meet for the first time. You need to book me when I am free. We shall talk in brief about how I will be able to incorporate your ceremony.
  2. If you liked our meeting and flow of ideas, you could book me for your date. I strictly follow, ‘One day, one service’ policy.
  3. Once we have booked a date and agreed to my service, we meet together again and create a detailed ceremony
  4. I will send you your personalised draft of the ceremony
  5. We will rehearse it (it is optional but recommended)
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy your ceremony

All you need to do is to fill the contact form and email it to me. For convenience, make a time for the first meeting at least four months before the wedding date. This will ensure that I will be free for your planned date. If I am free to the date, we can continue to the next step of the process.

Shoreline Ceremonies strictly follows the ‘One day; One service’ policy where only one ceremony would be held on one day. The first meeting is free with no attached obligation. You will know on first meeting whether you would like me to help you plan your ceremony. I look forward to getting to know you, hearing your story, your requirements and ideas. Once the booking is completed, we will meet again to chat about the details of the wedding ceremony including what type of service you want. Soon after you will receive a draft copy of the service by email, change can make, we will be in contact until you are satisfied. There should be at least three months gap between the draft copy and the ceremony so that you can make any changes with ease. These will be done after your approval. To keep the things on the right track, it is highly recommended that we have a rehearsal of your marriage ceremony at the venue.

Your Shoreline Ceremonies Package will include as:

  • Free access to extensive resources to assist you with your preparation samples of ceremonies, symbols, rituals, music, readings and others
  • Unlimited phone and email in addition to our scheduled meetings
  • Presentation copy of the ceremony
  • Offer an on-site Rehearsal highly recommended
  • Marriage accessories supplied including sound system, candles, table and chairs for signing the register and others as per your request
  • Presentation copy of your Marriage Ceremony and a printed Marriage Certificate.

The Perfect Couple

Over the years, sporting events such as, Iron Girl and Running USA, are gaining popularity and immense participation like never before. People are now more aware and enthusiastic about the many benefits of participating in marathons, triathlons and other sporting events. If you have ever participated in one, you understand how it keeps your adrenaline pumping. Not only is your heart pumping on the event day, it starts from the time you begin preparing for it through rigorous practice and exercise. And, of course, the kick of receiving an award, medal, trophy or certificate is unbeatable.

The kick of “money”

Events launched as recently as 2004, like Iron Girl, have attracted more 40,000 participants. What do is attracting so many people to “running” and other sports?

Statistics reveal that more and more people are inclined towards participating in sports including marathons and triathlons. A few but strong amount of people join for the sheer pleasure of running. There are others whose primary goal is to win the gold, silver or bronze prize to stand on their mantle piece relating stories to their children and grandchildren.

Another motivating factor is the financial incentive associated with sports. Sports of all kinds where there are a whole lot of financial incentives involved in winning trophies and medals have gained popularity at a large scale. When the hard work, rigorous training and effort are well-paid, why wouldn’t people participate? Wouldn’t you like the extra “bonus” in your pocket for your performance?

Along with the money are the pleasures and the many laurels attached with the sport.

Beyond Money

We are not saying that financial incentives are the only motivators for sports’ participation. Non-monetary incentives, like appreciation through medals and trophies, play a major role in enticing participants towards sporting events. More and more sports are gaining popularity since the 20th century as laurels and medals are now coupled with financial rewards. We cannot forget that athletes, despite being driven by sports are motivated by bonuses and rewards.

Money and Medals

Financial incentives provide them with the money and non-financial incentives motivate them for the following reasons:

  • Memorable: While financial incentives are spent rather quickly on shoes, clothes, holidays or in the moment shopping sprees, non-monetary awards can be showcased. They remain in the mind of those who earned it as well as those around them for a long time.
  • Value attached: They come with bragging rights. Non-monetary rewards have the value of being shown to co-workers, friends, relatives, parents and practically anyone. Remember the smile and excitement on your face when you received your first medal in school. Remember how it gained you the opportunity of flaunting it with your neighbors, friends, parents and those you cared about.
  • Flexibility: Non-monetary awards not only cost less for those providing the gift but they are also flexible as well. Medals, trophies or any other expression of gratitude can really bring forth appreciation and recognition. They can even be engraved with the event’s and winner’s name.

Six Tips For Hosting Weddings in Small Spaces

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of wedding venues in Atlanta, you should start thinking about how you’re going to make everything work. One common dilemma that many couples face is that the venue they’ve chosen is too small for the activities and guests they hope to plan. If you’re a bit concerned that your guests will feel cramped, consider some tips for making a smaller space work.

One: Consider Standing-Room Only

Maybe you’d like to limit the ceremony itself to just a few select guests. You could hold this type of ceremony in a garden, under a canopy or on a balcony overlooking a beautiful skyline. You may want to provide chairs from some of your older family members, but the rest of your guests shouldn’t mind standing for this portion of the events.

Two: Reduce the Size of the Band

Many couples like to include music and dancing as part of the wedding activities. Some venues have plenty of space to spread out tables around a dance floor. These locations may have a stage reserved for the band. If your preferred wedding venues in Atlanta aren’t this big, you still have a few options. You might consider hiring a DJ rather than a full band. You could reserve a couple of rooms, setting one room aside for eating and the other for dancing. You may find that the spaces connecting those rooms are perfect for displaying photos or decor.

Three: Be Creative with Tables and Chairs

Although circular tables are generally more traditional, you might find that long rectangular tables fit the space better. You might want to use a combination of tables in various sizes and shapes to make the best use of the rooms you’ve chosen. Be sure to leave room for people to safely maneuver around the tables and chairs.

Four: Move Your Serving Tables Out of the Room

If you have a balcony or garden area, this could be a great spot to locate your bar or hors d’oeuvres table. When you move the serving tables out of the room, you’ll also free up the space that would have been taken up by people milling around those tables. Your guests probably won’t mind walking a little bit further to get their food or drinks as long as you leave any doors between the spaces open.

Five: Reduce the Size of Your Decor

Many couples plan elaborate bouquets, arches and other decor as the backdrop to their festivities. However, if you’ve invested in a beautiful venue, you don’t need to cover up the sights and features that attracted you in the first place. By minimizing the decor, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the ambience of the venue and you’ll gain some extra space.

Six: Don’t Forget Safety

It’s very important to honor the safety and capacity guidelines established by the venue owners. These caps on attendance are established to ensure that the safety of you and your guests. If you try to cram too many people into a space that doesn’t fit, you may find that emergencies quickly become disasters. Don’t put your memories of this special occasion at risk.